Ditch the plastic, and embrace different!

4ft Alternative Wooden Christmas Tree by Bombus

We’re all doing our best to be better to our environment. And Christmas is a good place to take a hard look at what we can do to make our world a better place by choosing an alternative Christmas tree.

Pine Tree Forest

Instead of opting for a plastic imitation tree…have you thought about something different?

Axe chopping wood

At Bombus we have come up with the ultimate in Alternative Christmas Tree design.

Alternative Wooden 4ft Christmas Tree

Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree by Bombus
Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree, by Bombus

Made from sustainably sourced plywood, and 100% British made, this tree will really last a life time.

At 4ft tall this tree will fit into any space, and can still be decorated with fairy lights and surrounded by presents.

Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree by Bombus

This is the ultimate in chic design for Christmas.

Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree and Christmas Eve bag by Bombus

The tree is made in two parts that slot together easily to make a 4ft, 3D freestanding tree. This makes it super easy to store away flat for another year.

Victoriana Floral Alternative Wooden Christmas Tree

Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree Victoriana Floral by Bombus
Alternative Victoriana Floral Heirloom Wooden Tree

This year we’ve gone one step further than our classic bare wooden tree…and quite frankly we are feeling very proud of ourselves!

New for 2020 may we introduce our Victoriana Floral Heirloom Alternative Christmas Tree

Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree Victoriana Floral by Bombus

Using traditional decoupage techniques, each flower, leaf, butterfly, bird, and mushroom is hand cut and layered individually in this magical mix of images. 

Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree Victoriana Floral by Bombus
The decoupage process can take one of our team members several weeks to complete...

The birch ply tree is firstly hand-painted black, then one (or more) of our studio artists hand applies the carefully selected images from a range of vintage resources.

Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree Victoriana Floral by Bombus
Every tree we make is completely unique. 

The branch shape is designed so you can train lights around the tree to add an extra festive feel if you wish. 

Since each tree is made by Bombus at our studio in Kent, you can also say that you are supporting a small British Business.

Perhaps you’re feeling a little more whimsical?

Comic Book Alternative Wooden Christmas Tree

For those who are less flowery and more KAPOW! And BAM! We have also designed this utterly spectacular comic book version of our Alternative Christmas Tree

Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree Comic Book by Bombus

Made using the same decoupage technique as the Victoriana tree, we instead use vintage comic books to give this fabulous effect.

Comic Books

My husband LOVES this tree. It actually engages him in Christmas…which is a small miracle! This year we will have this tree adorning our home office, so that we can stay in the festive spirit while we work!

Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree Comic Book by Bombus

Sending out your new tree

Our studio artists carefully finish and packaged every tree in recyclable bubble wrap before sending it to you using our local Kent courier company.

We are doing everything we can to champion local businesses too!

Packaged Alternative 4ft Wooden Christmas Tree
We do everything we can to protect your brand new Christmas tree! Read our blog post here about how we're trying to be more eco-friendly with our packaging : https://www.bombus.co.uk/blog/1656/its-national-bubble-wrap-day/

Why should I buy an Alternative Christmas Tree?

What carbon footprint does a plastic artificial tree have?

When the plastic is manufactured for your tree, from oil, it creates most of its carbon footprint. Not to mention the industrial emissions produced when the tree is made. They are also often shipped long distances before arriving in the shop before making it to your home.

Cargo Ship
Is your tree on one of these boats?

A 6.5ft artificial tree has a carbon footprint equivalent to about 40kg of greenhouse gas emissions. This is more than twice that of a real tree that ends its life in landfill, and more than 10 times that of a real tree which is burnt!

What about a Bombus Alternative Tree?

Our supplier, for the ply that is used to make these trees, holds the FSC chain of custody certification for this plywood; the mark of responsible forestry.

This means that means that the wood or paper you are buying comes from responsibly managed forests. To become FSC certified, forest operations must meet demanding environmental, social and economic requirements. Want to read more about how the FSC are demanding more environmentally positive ways for us to use and produce wood?


I’ve heard enough, I’m in! What do I need to know about getting myself one of these super trees?

Because of the high level of attention and skill our trees take to finish in our studio, they do take a while to leave us and get to you. Our bare wood trees are ready to go in approximately two weeks from placing your order, where as the decoupage trees will take up to four weeks to complete. If you are interested in one of these for Christmas this year, order now to avoid disappointment!

Clocks to show time is ticking!
Tick Tock!

They are simple and easy to assemble, but it is recommended that two people put the tree together when you are ready to decorate for Christmas. They are made from solid wood and can be heavy for some people.

The trees need little maintenance but you should avoid getting them wet, or too close to a heat source like an open fire. Fierce heat could affect the decoupage or discolour the wood.

If you have any questions about one of these handmade Alternative Christmas Trees, please give us a call on 01227 751 615 . We would be delighted to see how we can help!

What else is out there that doesn’t hurt the planet?

There are of course other options when it comes to Alternative Christmas Trees. But the trick is to think eco-green, rather than artificial green.

This article from eco-age has a great guide on how to choose your tree, while keeping the planet at the forefront of your thoughts!

Pine Forest

And in the meantime, here is something I can really get behind…

Adopt or Donate

Pine Forest

Trees are the lifeblood of our planet and provide so many benefits to our everyday lives. They filter clean air, provide fresh drinking water, help curb climate change, and create homes for thousands of species of plants and animals. Planting a Billion Trees can help save the Earth from deforestation.

Feeling like you want to do more? Well, you can always adopt a tree! Seriously! Check out the National Forest Organisation...


OR sponsor a reforestation project near you!


There are so many good causes out there that promote and action replanting of our forests.

Donate if you can…or even make a space in your garden and plant your own tree! Every tree counts in the fight against climate change.