When the idea first came up that I should write a post about Tablescaping …I did a little jump of delight. This is MY THING. My house is never without a seasonal decoration…vases of daffs and tulips through spring, a rogue bunny or two at Easter…red white and blues for Olympics and World Cups…and of course, endless pumpkins, acorns, and conkers as we get into Autumn and the most cosy time of the year.


And apparently it is now a trend! Tablescaping is a thing! And while I’ve done it for years, to have a name to the habit of going all out on a table display is very exciting.

Tablescaping is no longer just for weddings either. Dress your table up for all seasons! During Autumn my table was full of conkers, bright orange leaves, and acorns. But you can go mad and use all sorts of seasonal goodies, like these pumpkins.

Pumpkins on an Autumn tablescaping set up

Tablescaping is for any occasion where we are brought together at a table to feast. And while that is something we may sorely miss this year, no matter the size of our household or bubble...we can still make our tables magical!


Through the oranges of October, and pinecones of November… my festive heart truly belongs to Christmas. And what better excuse to pile a table full of magical things than the day itself.

Engraved Wooden Star Place name perfect for tabelscaping at Christmas

A few years back I hosted a big family Christmas. We even cooked a goose for goodness sake! It was a bit ridiculous. And not only did I suspend a fully decked wreath above our table, it was packed with beautiful decorations. I had no idea that classed as 'tablescaping'!

Each place setting had its own charger, copper cutlery, and table gift. For my big Christmas extravaganza I wrapped each gift in a clasped bauble such as these from We Are Bread and Jam.

Bombus does Tablescaping

For the place names at another one of my (slightly more subdued) Christmas feasts I hand painted a paper letter from Hobbycraft as the place names.

But if you’d rather spare yourself the work, Bombus have created the most gorgeous table settings that double up as a gift!

Wooden Dog Place Name for Tablescaping at Christmas

I mean look at them! Bombus has turned its attentions to making our dining tables great again! It's amazing what our clever studio designers have come up with.

The ultimate in place name keepsakes for your next tablescaping attempt
Every keepsake place name is made to order... so if you're like me and struggle to find gifts with your name on it, fear not! We can engrave any name you like.

It's all about the tableware

Sometimes you can go a little mad and forget to leave room for the food…so try to choose a whole host of matching platters or trays like this from the Badger and Birch

Marble Shell platter, to use as part of your tablescaping

Antique shops are great for old cut glass and crystal tumblers. Try mixing different textures to get a really classy look, and see if you can pick up offcuts of some nice bits of wood from your local timber merchant to use as platters.

Tablescaping Wish List

There is now so much to choose from you can really make your Christmas Dinner special. Here are few bits I simply adore and am considering adding to my tablescaping stash:

Map Location Heart Place Name as part of your tablescaping
  1. (above) The Bombus Map Heart Keepsake manages to be personal, and really meaningful, AND a beautiful gift for whoever is around your table this year.
  2. This single Oyster Shell candle adds a touch of elegance to your display.
  3. And no table is complete without a festive runner! This one is from an independent seller Make&Mend.

What a year...

No matter who we get to spend Christmas with this year, we will want it to be special, festive, and magical. It doesn't matter if you go big or small on your Christmas this year, but it can be quite fun to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to making our homes a Christmas oasis. Let us know in the comments what you're planning to do in terms of tablescaping this Christmas!