A Letterbox Gift is a term that simply means that the gift you are sending, fits through their letterbox!

Birthday Gifts sent straight through their door

With so many of us still unable to see some of our loved ones for their birthday, sending them something in the post is as close as we can get to giving them a hug. Whether they are shielding, or just choosing to stay safe. No need to answer the door, sign for a parcel, or ensure they're back from their daily walk. These gifts all fit perfectly through the letterbox to land safely on their door mat. 

What is in a Letterbox Gift?

Just about anything can be made to fit into a letterbox gift these days. At Bombus, we’ve designed a whole range of gift sets that can be personalised.

Our Birthday Gifts for Her Letterbox Gift includes a handmade Liberty print flamingo card, a notebook, a horoscope pocket mirror, and a keepsake balloon age bottle.

Letterbox Gift Birthday Gift for Her

But we have also a whole range of...

Letterbox Gift Sets for all occasions!

This is my favourite one, the New Baby Letterbox Gift Set. It comes with a beautiful hand-painted and engraved hanging rainbow keepsake.

New Baby Letterbox Gift from Bombus

Individual Letterbox Gifts

Individual gifts, cleverly packaged, can also be perfect Letterbox Gifts. We have worked hard to come up with safe ways to send some of our most popular keepsake gifts, so that they too can be posted straight through the letterbox.

Miniature frame Letterbox Gift from Bombus

Such as our Miniature Map Heart Frame. Choose a map of home, and have us engrave ‘Home is Where Mum is’ on the reverse, for the perfect Mother’s Day Letterbox Gift.

Map Postcard Letterbox Gift from Bombus

Or this Map Postcard Keepsake. Choose any map, anywhere in the world.

Alternative Letterbox Gifts

We’re not alone in the Letterbox World. We love what some of our peers have to offer and we bet you do too. You can find flowers, beauty products, chocolate treats, and even miniature bottles of gin…packaged beautifully to fit through the letterbox.

Vegan Beauty Box Letterbox Gift from Ethical Market

We absolutely adore this Vegan Beauty box from Ethical Market.

Packaging and Letterbox Gifts

As a nation we are relying more and more on sending parcels through the post. Due in part to the pandemic, but also the sheer availability and choice offered by online retailers.

Gift box from Bombus

And this comes with a new set of moral questions. How is our desire for fast delivery, and consumption of goods affecting the planet? Well, at Bombus we are doing our best to answer that question. In our previous blog we explain how we are working hard to be an eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical brand. Give it a read! But in the meantime know that when it comes to packaging up your Letterbox Gifts, we do so mindfully that we are presenting it to you in a way that not only benefits you, but also the planet.