At Bombus we love to move.

Whether it’s organised activity, running a marathon, or a long hike across the Kent Downs….the Bombus crew are an active bunch. With 2020 a wash out for a lot of clubs and groups, we’re all delighted to be getting back to our favourite hobbies.

And we’re not alone. Golf courses reported that they were fully booked from the minute they were allowed to reopen after the latest lockdown. Not to mention searches for ‘Gifts for Golfers’ hit an all time high.

Gifts for Golfers

When you think of Gift for Golfers, or indeed other sports, you may not automatically think of Bombus. But, we ARE personalised gift experts and we totally understand how passionate people are about their sport.

Golf bottle keepsake, gift for golfers

Our keepsake gifts are a lovely token to send to the active people in your life. And it shows that you understand just how much their sport means to them, and how much they mean to you.

Handmade golf card, gift for golfers

So, what sports do our Bombus team love?


Do you participate in any organised sport?

I have never been an organised sport kind of person. All my sisters go to the netball club but have not even bothered to invite me, I was so terrible at netball at school, always nervous about breaking my fingers! 

My go-to is Yoga and I have been doing the 30-day challenge with Adriene. She's amazing, a little bit kooky and sets a really good pace and tone for beginners. I love her bedtime yoga too. 

You can see one of her classes here:

And now that the restrictions are over I’m really looking forward to getting back to a real live, in person, class.

What’s a good gift for Yoga fans?

Luxury Soy Candle, perfect gift for Yoga fans

We’d be tempted to give someone like Amelia one of our luxury soy candles. The perfect accompaniment to a relaxing Yoga session!


Do you participate in any organised sport?

Other than a regular and sometimes aggressive Swing Ball tournament with my husband in the garden, I’m not much of a team sport person either. I much prefer hiking around the gorgeous Kent countryside, in any weather, with the dog. The more cliffs and hills the better. We are lucky to live in a county that has it all. I can start from one point and pass over rolling hillsides, to craggy coasts, through beautiful orchards, and wide open fields…all in one trek!

What’s a good gift for hikers?

Hikers personalised mountain print, perfect gift for hikers

Celebrate an achievement, a special hiking expedition and reaching the summit with our personalised map location mountain print.

Are there any other sports that interest you?

I am also a bit of a keen beginner surfer, when we get the chance to head down to the South West. I love the water and am a strong swimmer. Hopefully we can get back down there later this summer, to get back on the board and try to better our skills on the waves.

Amber, Louise, and Esther

Tell me a little about your sport and what you love about it?

Amber: I cycle often and LOVE a sea swim.

Amber cycling

Louise: Before lockdown I had started going swimming twice a week but then when I couldn't do that anymore I started cycling and walking a lot more. I don't think I will be going back to the pool for a while as the cleanliness of swimming pools freak me out at the best of times! 

What should we send to keen cyclists?

Amber and Louise aren’t alone, we know a lot of cycling fans at Bombus. That’s why we were inspired to make our best selling 3D papercut bicycle card:

Personalised bike card, perfect gift for cyclists

Esther: I love swimming, I do tend to swim in the sea if it's really warm or if I'm on holiday ? but to be honest I just stick to the local pool. I'm just trying to build up the courage to go back as they're all open now! 

Gifts for Sports Lovers

Whether it's cycling, cricket, hockey, yoga, swimming...or any other sport you can think of...we know that moving is great for our bodies and our brains. But these activities are also a passion for a lot of us, so a gift that recognises someone's love of a sport is a personal and meaningful way to show how much you care.

Cricket in a bottle keepsake, perfect gift for cricketers

Our full range of sport-themed gifts can be found on our site!