I love you because...

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, here at the Bombus studio we’re feeling soppy. Orders are piling in for our ‘Bag of love heart tokens’ a sweet little gift where customers can personalise up to 10 little wooden hearts with their own choice of words. Each message is engraved on a heart and placed in a dinky little drawstring bag, addressed to their Valentine.  It’s compulsive – we can't help but keep coming up with own messages too!  So we've collated a little list of our favourites (including some of yours as well!):

♥  I love you because… ♥

♥ you’ve got a big heart ♥ you make me tea in bed ♥ you’re ridiculous ♥ you hide treats in my lunch ♥ you feed me wine gums ♥ you’re low maintenance ♥ you’re a bit odd ♥ you do the night feeds ♥ you make the best coffee ♥ you’ve got a great bum  ♥ and one to make you giggle ♥ you’ve got Netflix!  ♥


Author: Alex Duddy