The personalised nature of the products we make at Bombus involves a lot of skill, creative craftsmanship and time by our studio team. However, perhaps an overlooked aspect is just how much walking is involved.


Apparently on average, people sit for 9.3 hours a day, which is more than we sleep at 7.7 hours. Sitting in poor postures for long periods of time with little movement and few breaks for standing or walking can impact your health and reduce productivity. Luckily, this is not something our studio team have to worry about.

Personalised Maps

From the moment your map location is chosen from our map library to the cutting, sanding and glazing of each product or the framing of each map heart we make, our studio team are on their feet.

As a fun and localised experiment I decided to literally ‘map the distance’ a studio team member walks during a typical working day. In order to do this I used a standard pedometer, which tracks and records each step someone takes. The results were really quite astonishing... On an average day one Bombus studio member clocks 5,500 steps between 9am and 5pm. This equates to walking 2.6 miles a day.

If we use this figure as a marker and convert this to a working 5 day week, this equals 27,500 steps or 13 miles. And in a month that's 110,000 steps or 52 miles. This in map terms, means we are effectively walking the equivalent of Faversham to London in a month.

So how far could we walk in a year? Using our previous figures as the marker points in a year we walk 132,0000 steps equalling 625 miles. This is the same distance as walking from Paris to Vienna.

So when ordering that gift for the special someone please remember we really do go the extra mile to make sure your gift is perfect in every way.