We had a great day with Ben Carter, the Marketing Director at notonthehighstreet.com (NOTHS) last week. This was part of their #InYourShoes initiative where members of the senior team visit selected Partners who sell via their marketplace. He spent the whole day with us, answering all our questions and giving us valuable feedback and advice for our store.

And so he could get a thorough understanding of what we do, we we put him to work. He chose to make himself a framed, personalised map location star under instruction from our Studio Manager, Amie. Amie showed him how and why we choose each  map we're going to work with for the individual orders. Ben chose Southampton, which is where he grew up, but he also wanted his star to show an area just outside Southampton, which is were his folks live. So Amie explained the different scales of maps. He started  with the pink Ordnance Survey map, but it didn't extend far enough. He moved to the older Ordnance survey map - still not quite the right scale. And finally settled on the scale and wonderful colours and tones of the Bartholomew maps. He learned how we cut, glue and press our personalised map locations.

Katy showed him how we make our pocket mirrors, cutting, pressing and engraving the customers' messages. This involved more glue so the latter part of the afternoon was spent trying to pick all the glue residue off. Properly getting his hands dirty!

And at the end of the day, we put him to the framing, packing and postage table. Our friendly Posties come at 4.00pm to collect the bags so timing is critical to get all the orders that are due out that day, ready to go. Ben remarked that this part of his day with us was more stressful than any given day in his own job. We did chuckle!

Author: Becky Smith
Content Editor / Marketing Manager