You may have seen my previous post about why we entered the Swale Business Awards, in which I quipped that we entered to win? Well quess what, we did win. Hurrah!

We are so proud to have been awarded Faversham Business of the Year at the Swale Business awards 2016. We love being a business in Faversham and love where we work.

We decided to take the Bombus team to the gala event, regardless of whether we won or not; it was a great opportunity to get glammed up and have some fun together away from the studio.  Without such a fabulous and beautiful team there wouldn't be a Bombus or an award and we're grateful to each of them for their incredible hard work and loyalty throughout the year.

New product designs

The core of our entry this year was to define and demonstrate our business principals: we remain true to ourselves, our design integrity and to our brand. We play to our strengths yet are constantly refining and re-tuning new designs to meet every new challenge we're faced with. One of our biggest challenges is prolonging the lifespan of our products. Constantly creating new designs and evolving existing ones ensures we have products at many different stages of their lifespan at all times. In the last year, we have recognised the enormous value in rejuvenating our signature personalised gifts and greetings cards by reviewing, refreshing and repackaging our historical best sellers. For example, we've revised and refreshed the designs of our wedding and anniversary gifts by adding further personalisation and customisation that we know our customers love and expect.

We have uncovered and exploited smaller seasonal gifting peaks to include year round searches for teacher & graduation gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts etc, to complement and expand on our historical seasonal peaks of Christmas and Valentine’s; segmenting our target markets with email, on-site promotions and announcements.

That all sounds like we know what we're doing? We pride ourselves in constantly learning; trying new methods; evolving and adapting to new challenges and never resting on our laurels.

It's particularly pleasing to have won awards in the Swale Business Awards for two consecutive years (you can read about our previous win - 'Small Business of the Year 2015' here). No pressure for next year then!