Framed autumn leaves made from vintage maps Framed picture featuring small circles made using vintage books Framed bespoke map hearts Framed art using vintage paper

Vintage inspired handmade gifts & accessories  

We mix vintage style with modern design to create hand-made gifts, home accessories and art. Everything is hand-made in Britain, including the frames. With our vintage map hearts, you choose the location. Just tell us where you want, anywhere in the world.

About Bombus

The Bombus ethos is one of making something from nothing - something different, something special. We re-use beautiful old maps; rescue vintage books and botanical illustration; vintage sheet music and discarded stamps and bring them to life again to create heartfelt, personalised gifts and artworks. 

A place in your heart

Certain places hold special memories for us all, and vintage map gifts ensure they are never forgotten. Of course, the map only details the location – it’s the heart behind it that tells the story.