Flowers Of The Month Framed Print


Framed print of a delicate illustration of each birth flower with gold foil detail and their positive attributes printed beneath them. Unique gift for her.

Size: 40.5cm x 29.5cm

International delivery available

Just like star signs, each month of the year has a birth flower and positive attributes associated with it. Our flowers of the month artwork shows all twelve flowers above their name and positive attributes.

These are the flowers included in the artwork and the attributes printed beneath them:

January Carnation: love, gratitude, beauty

February Violet: wisdom, loyalty, friendship

March Daffodil: fresh beginnings, happiness, luck

April Daisy: happiness, joy, love

May Lily: beauty, serenity, happiness

June Rose: love, dedication, devotion

July Waterlily: positivity, beauty, joy

August Poppy: imagination, strength, integrity

September Aster: love, affection, patience

October Marigold: creativity, grace, elegance

November Chrysanthemum: compassion, friendship, joy

December Narcissus: hope, happiness, optimism

Perfect birthday gift for her. Our frames are made from solid wood.

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