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  1. Living By the Sea

    Living By the Sea

    How living by the sea is good for your physical and mental health Living by the Sea is a dream for many of us. At Bombus we have strong connections to our planet. Every day we are looking at maps of our earth. The geographical topography of our little rock is really beautiful. We work in the amazing Kent countryside...
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  2. New Home Gifts in the Post-Pandemic Property Boom!

    New Home Gifts in the Post-Pandemic Property Boom!

    You can’t have missed the fact that there is a huge trend towards people moving house this year to their perfect new home. And a lot of experts are putting that down to people having reassessed their lives during the pandemic. A better work-life balance is now the top of the list when it comes to people’s priorities. And it...
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  3. Love your Garden with the Bombus Team

    Love your Garden with the Bombus Team

    As the weather shifts into autumn, those of us who love our gardens will be pulling up our wellies and getting stuck into those post-summer jobs. It’s the perfect time of year to harvest this year’s crops…and to think about what preparations are needed for over the winter to get ahead for next year’s planting. And the Bombus team love...
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  4. Travel to Cornwall with the Bombus Team

    Travel to Cornwall with the Bombus Team

    Part Two of our Travel Series - Because at Bombus we’re all about LOCATION!  In case you missed it - we asked our team to give us the low-down on some of the places they’d visited recently, along with their top picks, must sees, and insight into travelling during the pandemic. We've already heard from our Marketing and Accounts Manager...
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  5. It’s all about the MAPS (part 2)

    It’s all about the MAPS (part 2)

    We’re mappy about maps. And in Part 1 of this Blog series we brought you the answers to questions you didn’t even know you needed about our team and their love of all things cartographical. You’ve heard from Esther, Alice, Carly, and Amber…now it’s time for more of the team to step up and shine a spotlight on their favourite...
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  6. Travel to London with the Bombus Team

    Travel to London with the Bombus Team

    At Bombus we’re all about LOCATION! We asked our team to give us the low-down on some of the places they’d visited recently, along with their top picks, must sees, and insight into travelling during the pandemic. Jo's Story Jo is the Bombus Marketing and Accounts Manager and has spent the last eighteen months working from home. She took her...
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  7. Help Save the Bees!

    Help Save the Bees!

    We are supporting Radio 2 and the Royal Horticultural Society save the bees with their Big Bee Challenge of 2021. At Bombus we are BIG on nature. After all, we work on a farm! And we know just how important it is to save the bees. So why do we need to save the bees? Bees play a critical role...
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  8. Follow Every Rainbow

    Follow Every Rainbow

    We love a rainbow. And it’s no wonder really, that a rainbow is the symbol for so many things. Rainbows are pretty rare and undeniably beautiful. As far as heavenly natural phenomenon go, they have inspired songs, books, legends, and artwork since humans…well…became humans. And it's image has evoked awe, delight, faith, and even controversy... A brief look at Rainbow...
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  9. It's ALL about the Maps  (Part 1)

    It's ALL about the Maps (Part 1)

    We ARE the Original Map Gift Company. And the reason we are, is because we LOVE maps. I know, we harp on about it a lot. But when you have so many works of art at your finger tips, it’s hard not to want to share them with everyone! But just telling you we like maps isn’t enough…you ask us...
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  10. Who are the most thoughtful and caring people in the UK?

    Who are the most thoughtful and caring people in the UK?

    The results are in! And BRISTOL tops the charts when it comes to the most thoughtful cities in the UK. Have a look at what makes Bristol so remarkable here: Visit Bristol - Official Bristol Tourist Information Site A new report from our sales at Bombus reveals some interesting trends regarding the UK’s most thoughtful and caring towns and cities...
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  11. Let's get Physical! With  perfect Gifts for Golfers and Sport Lovers

    Let's get Physical! With perfect Gifts for Golfers and Sport Lovers

    At Bombus we love to move. Whether it’s organised activity, running a marathon, or a long hike across the Kent Downs….the Bombus crew are an active bunch. With 2020 a wash out for a lot of clubs and groups, we’re all delighted to be getting back to our favourite hobbies. And we’re not alone. Golf courses reported that they were...
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  12. The Weddings are Coming!

    The Weddings are Coming!

    Last year was a difficult year for couples looking to tie the knot. With weddings cancelled, or scaled back, many planned celebrations were put on hold. But not any longer! Couples are already re-booking their weddings with a frenzy. And it is going to be one major Wedding BOOM. The Wedding advice website has predicted that over 200k extra...
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  13. Milestone Anniversary Gifts

    Milestone Anniversary Gifts

    Whether you’re choosing anniversary gifts for your spouse, or for someone close to you, finding the perfect and appropriate present can sometime feel a little daunting. Especially for couples who have reached those BIG milestones. Do they need anything? What do you buy for the people who seem to have everything? The best anniversary gifts are those that are both...
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    Are you looking to send a gift to wish your friends or family luck and good health in their new home? Our collection of Map Block Wall Art is a great place to start. Map Wall Art New Home Gifts Handmade in Kent, our circles, squares, and hexagons are a great addition to any home. They look beautiful, and are...
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  15. Send a Letterbox Gift...Send Love Through the Post

    Send a Letterbox Gift...Send Love Through the Post

    A Letterbox Gift is a term that simply means that the gift you are sending, fits through their letterbox! Birthday Gifts sent straight through their door With so many of us still unable to see some of our loved ones for their birthday, sending them something in the post is as close as we can get to giving them a...
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  16. An Eco-Friendly Brand

    An Eco-Friendly Brand

    Bombus is an environmentally conscious and eco-friendly company Bombus is a small company. But we know the importance of how even an enterprise like us can have a huge impact on our environment. And we may not be able to change the world in one go, but as a brand we are doing our best to make eco-friendly choices. The...
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  17. Unique Mother's Day Gifts Ideas, and the Bombus Mums

    Unique Mother's Day Gifts Ideas, and the Bombus Mums

    We discuss the Best Mother’s Day Gifts with our team With Mother’s Day fast approaching, our studio is abuzz with orders. It’s a funny year, with many of us not sure if we will in fact get to see our Mums near the big day. But we know from the personal and thoughtful messages sent in with your orders, that...
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  18. Nursery Decorations and Gifts for the New Arrival

    Nursery Decorations and Gifts for the New Arrival

    Nursery Decorations We may be in lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped new family members being born! And while a lot of us are at home, now is the perfect time to choose the nursery decorations for the latest arrival. The way we prepare the nursery has come a long way since the days of a quick splash of pink or...
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  19. Hexagon Map Wall Art

    Hexagon Map Wall Art

    Best Selling Wall Art Blocks Have you met the Bombus best-selling product of 2020? Our Map Hexagon Wall Art is not only completely unique to Bombus, but it is also our Star Product of 2020! These little beauties were our most successful gift of the year. And we know why. Not only are they beautiful, and hand crafted to a...
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  20. Thinking of You Gifts

    Thinking of You Gifts

    Thoughtful Gifts for the people we miss the most I've lost count how many times I've said 'I miss my Mum' over the past twelve months. It is comforting, however, to know that none of us are alone in that feeling. We're all missing someone, and we will all put up with it knowing that doing so keeps them safe...
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  21. Valentine's Day Gifts

    Valentine's Day Gifts

    We've spent a lot of years helping all of you to find the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. This year, we have looked over our facts and figures. And here are the BEST and most popular Valentine’s Day Gifts from Bombus! Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him At Bombus we have worked so hard to perfect the personalised, meaningful, and thoughtful...
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  22. Luxury Scented Soy Candles

    Luxury Scented Soy Candles

    Introducing our new luxury range of Personalised Soy Candles Our sense of smell is the most powerful memory we have. And right now, those of us suffering with Wanderlust, are in need of those memories more than ever! Well, at Bombus we've got something that might help. Our latest gift range...beautifully fragranced Personalised Soy Candles. We've chosen a whole range...
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  23. Tablescaping - what is it?

    Tablescaping - what is it?

    When the idea first came up that I should write a post about Tablescaping …I did a little jump of delight. This is MY THING. My house is never without a seasonal decoration…vases of daffs and tulips through spring, a rogue bunny or two at Easter…red white and blues for Olympics and World Cups…and of course, endless pumpkins, acorns, and...
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  24. Thank You Gifts for Staff this Christmas

    Thank You Gifts for Staff this Christmas

    Say thank you to staff and associates, with a personal gift this Christmas We are super lucky at Bombus. We have a team of dedicated and hard working women who have held it all together during this mad mad year. With coronavirus making the world so uncertain, we didn't know what was going to happen with the business. Would it...
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  25. We're Hiring!

    We're Hiring!

    Join our team of creative superstars! Want to work for a creative and exciting enterprise in the Kent Countryside? Bombus has a wonderful vacancy at it's Oast House location in Faversham. Are you interested in working for a dynamic independent business? Then what are you waiting for! Apply Now STUDIO ASSISTANT THE ROLE This is a new role based...
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  26. Shop Small, Shop British

    Shop Small, Shop British

    Bombus is a small British business….and small businesses ROCK! So shop small! Did you know... that small businesses account for a huge percentage of the annual turn over to the UK economy? They are super important, and contribute even more in jobs and opportunities.  It’s become really clear during this pandemic that a lot of small businesses have really struggled...
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  27. A Birthday Gift for Her: The ULTIMATE GUIDE to what we really love...

    A Birthday Gift for Her: The ULTIMATE GUIDE to what we really love...

    It’s almost September! Did you know that September is the BIGGEST month of the year for birthdays? I did, because I have no less than four family birthdays and a best friend’s to boot! I need help with the perfect birthday gift for her. So I asked my team! I’m always looking for new and exciting ideas for gifts. Especially...
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  28. Meet the Bombus Team

    Meet the Bombus Team

    Our Bombus team is a very talented bunch... They do a lot more than you think... As well as working at Bombus, almost all of our team have another pursuit. This can be a small business, or an entirely separate career! This isn't because working at Bombus isn't enough for us, it really is. But as part of the Bombus...
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  29. The Home of the Bombus Studio

    The Home of the Bombus Studio

    Introducing BRENLEY WINE! The Bombus Studio sits here... Right in amongst the gorgeous Brenley Farm. I mean just look at it!!! We completely love our rural location. Our Oast house studio is huge, and at this time of the year we can throw our windows open wide and let the summer breeze cool us all down. (As for winter…let’s just...
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