1. Living By the Sea

    Living By the Sea

    How living by the sea is good for your physical and mental health Living by the Sea is a dream for many of us. At Bombus we have strong connections to our planet. Every day we are looking at maps of our earth. The geographical topography of our little rock is really beautiful. We work in the amazing Kent countryside...
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  2. Love your Garden with the Bombus Team

    Love your Garden with the Bombus Team

    As the weather shifts into autumn, those of us who love our gardens will be pulling up our wellies and getting stuck into those post-summer jobs. It’s the perfect time of year to harvest this year’s crops…and to think about what preparations are needed for over the winter to get ahead for next year’s planting. And the Bombus team love...
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  3. New Home Gifts in the Post-Pandemic Property Boom!

    New Home Gifts in the Post-Pandemic Property Boom!

    You can’t have missed the fact that there is a huge trend towards people moving house this year to their perfect new home. And a lot of experts are putting that down to people having reassessed their lives during the pandemic. A better work-life balance is now the top of the list when it comes to people’s priorities. And it...
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  4. Help Save the Bees!

    Help Save the Bees!

    We are supporting Radio 2 and the Royal Horticultural Society save the bees with their Big Bee Challenge of 2021. At Bombus we are BIG on nature. After all, we work on a farm! And we know just how important it is to save the bees. So why do we need to save the bees? Bees play a critical role...
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