Handmade here in our studio in Kent, we love enhancing seemingly everyday items with gorgeous customised maps. So for this reason, we’ve put together a collection of unique bookends that will make the perfect present for any intrepid explorer!

Your personalised bookend will be handmade to order using an actual piece of vintage map that features the location you have chosen. All maps are sourced and cut by hand, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive a personalised bookend from Bombus that won’t be found anywhere else in the world and will add a unique touch to your interior.

Create Personalised Unique Bookends

Choose any letter of the alphabet and map locations of your choice to create personalised letter bookends. Choose from left or right facing bookends with any map location in the world featured. We handcraft the letters here in our joiner's workshop using solid wood. We then add the map to the face and fix them to the hand painted, matt white base.

So whether you want a beautiful visual reminder of where you were on a particular day, or just want to add one of your favourite places to an everyday piece of furniture, our personalised bookends will never disappoint.

We can ship these unique bookends to the UK and a range of international locations. For more information on our delivery options, including standard delivery, express delivery and worldwide delivery, please check out our delivery options page.

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