Can I really choose a location from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can. We have more than 15,000 maps of all over the world in our own collection at any one time, so we're bound to have the one you're after. And if on the rare occasion we don't already have it in stock, we'll do our best to source it for you.

How do I tell you which location I want?

In the 'Map location' box on the product page. Please enter only one location per box.

For UK locations, we like you to enter the postcode if you know it. If not, please enter the name of the region, or street and town or village that you'd like and do please ensure you spell it correctly.

For International locations please enter the country as well as the village, town or region. This will avoid any confusion and delay as many places have the same name but are in different countries. Please make sure you get the spelling right too.

Can I see my map before you make my product?

If you are ordering from our 'Popular locations' collection you can see the exact map you will receive from the images on each product page.

If you are ordering a 'Personalised map location' this will be physically cut from an actual vintage, paper map, and as such, we regret that we are unable to offer a sample service, or to send photographs for approval or comments. Our vintage maps are not created digitally so there is no approval or proofing available on them. Please be assured that if you provided the correct postcode (if UK) and location name we will be sure to get the correct location on the piece. If we have any queries about your map we will be in touch with you.

What do you mean by 'personalised' maps?

Our custom products are made to order to your exact specification. So if you want a specific, detailed map location, that's a personalised map location.

What do you mean by 'popular location' maps?

Over the years, we've learnt oodles about your favourite travel destinations across the world; destinations and locations that are requested time and time again. So, we decided to draw some maps in our very own vintage-inspired style. Each map in our popular locations collection is a high-quality print from an original illustration by our in-house team using a combination of digital and traditional methods.

Can I have more than one location on a single heart / star / square / circle?

We don't recommend featuring more than one location as the piece will lose it's central, focal point. By having two locations on one map the focal point will become the halfway point between the two places. These pieces are far more successful if you focus on one special place, which we ensure is positioned centrally within the heart.

If you want more than one location, we do make several multi-map pieces, which might suit you better.

Modern versus vintage maps

Please remember that modern tourist names are not always marked on vintage maps, and history occasionally changes names and territories.

We can't be responsible for political, religious or territorial persuasion and we do rely on you to provide us with specific information relating to such issues at the time of placing your order. We will always try to honour your request, discussing it with you by phone or email if necessary.

Specific building may not appear on the maps and most contemporary resorts hadn't been built when most of our maps were drawn.

Tell me something about your frames?

All our frames are made in the UK, from solid wood and UV Perspex, which reduces fading and glare. It also travels well.

Can I change my order after I've placed it?

We ask you to make any changes within the same working day you place your order.

Where's my order?

Once you've placed your order, you will receive an email confirmation to let you know when we've received and accepted it. You will receive another email to let you know when we've dispatched it and an estimated time-frame for when you can expect to receive it.

But it's not arrived!

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to get your order to you within our estimated time, we often find items are returned to the local Post Office with no 'while you were out' card left. We always recommend you check with your neighbours first and then check with your local Post Office. If after 15 working days you have still not received your order, we can claim the item as lost with Royal Mail and start to make you a new one.