1. Destination: Margate

    Destination: Margate

    We’re carrying on with our travel series, where we give you our best tips for visiting our glorious county! Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…especially Margate! We love our home in Kent, and as you know, maps, location, and travel…it’s what Bombus is all about. And with so many things making foreign holidays tough for all of...
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  2. Destination: The Isle of Sheppey

    Destination: The Isle of Sheppey

    Kent’s Hot Spot for 2022 This small island off the north coast of Kent has been hitting the headlines over the past year. The Isle of Sheppey has been listed in the Time Out Top Ten Places to Visit 2022, and was mentioned in The Sunday Times as the fastest growing property hotspot in Kent. Especially for people moving out...
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  3. Shop Small, Shop British

    Shop Small, Shop British

    Bombus is a small British business….and small businesses ROCK! So shop small! Did you know... that small businesses account for a huge percentage of the annual turn over to the UK economy? They are super important, and contribute even more in jobs and opportunities.  It’s become really clear during this pandemic that a lot of small businesses have really struggled...
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  4. The Home of the Bombus Studio

    The Home of the Bombus Studio

    Introducing BRENLEY WINE! The Bombus Studio sits here... Right in amongst the gorgeous Brenley Farm. I mean just look at it!!! We completely love our rural location. Our Oast house studio is huge, and at this time of the year we can throw our windows open wide and let the summer breeze cool us all down. (As for winter…let’s just...
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  5. Love Where You Live

    Love Where You Live

    At Bombus we're all about map gifts. Beautiful pieces of art filled with shapes, wiggly lines, and all sorts of colours. Discovering local treasures... As well as being pretty to look at, maps represent a special and unique spot on the surface of our earth. While we've all been forced to spend more time close to home, the pleasures and...
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  6. Walking on the Isle of Skye for the unfit

    Walking on the Isle of Skye for the unfit

    One gets a rather unique appreciation for the shape of places when illustrating for Bombus. Skye, for example has a very pleasing wiggly splosh shape, and has a nice lot of contours which are always fun to draw.
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  7. Bucket list - places to go

    Bucket list - places to go

    Working in a map-based job means my bucket list of places to visit grows on a daily basis. I spend everyday looking at maps of far-flung, beautiful places other people have been to... holiday destinations, wedding venues, and honeymoon spots.
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