1. Sustainability: Grow Your Own

    Sustainability: Grow Your Own

    At Bombus we're always harping on about sustainability. Environmentally friendly. Plastic free. From how we source our supplies, to how we run our studio. You can read our sustainability pledge right here. It's an ethos we truly believe in. Which is why, it's not only in business that we live by these principles. We are sincere when we say that...
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  2. TOP FIVE gifts for their Easter Basket

    TOP FIVE gifts for their Easter Basket

    It's nearly Easter! And while we all love a bit of chocolate, sometimes it's nice to find a little something in our Easter baskets that lasts a little longer... Here are our Top Five picks for our ultimate sustainable forever gifts, that the Easter Bunny would just LOVE to give this year. Easter Bunny Bottle Easter Bunny Message Bottle Keepsake...
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  3. Living By the Sea

    Living By the Sea

    How living by the sea is good for your physical and mental health Living by the Sea is a dream for many of us. At Bombus we have strong connections to our planet. Every day we are looking at maps of our earth. The geographical topography of our little rock is really beautiful. We work in the amazing Kent countryside...
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  4. An Eco-Friendly Brand

    An Eco-Friendly Brand

    Bombus is an environmentally conscious and eco-friendly company Bombus is a small company. But we know the importance of how even an enterprise like us can have a huge impact on our environment. And we may not be able to change the world in one go, but as a brand we are doing our best to make eco-friendly choices. The...
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