1. Hexagon Map Wall Art

    Hexagon Map Wall Art

    Best Selling Wall Art Blocks Have you met the Bombus best-selling product of 2020? Our Map Hexagon Wall Art is not only completely unique to Bombus, but it is also our Star Product of 2020! These little beauties were our most successful gift of the year. And we know why. Not only are they beautiful, and hand crafted to a...
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  2. Walking on the Isle of Skye for the unfit

    Walking on the Isle of Skye for the unfit

    One gets a rather unique appreciation for the shape of places when illustrating for Bombus. Skye, for example has a very pleasing wiggly splosh shape, and has a nice lot of contours which are always fun to draw.
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  3. Bucket list - places to go

    Bucket list - places to go

    Working in a map-based job means my bucket list of places to visit grows on a daily basis. I spend everyday looking at maps of far-flung, beautiful places other people have been to... holiday destinations, wedding venues, and honeymoon spots.
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