1. Destination: The Isle of Sheppey

    Destination: The Isle of Sheppey

    Kent’s Hot Spot for 2022 This small island off the north coast of Kent has been hitting the headlines over the past year. The Isle of Sheppey has been listed in the Time Out Top Ten Places to Visit 2022, and was mentioned in The Sunday Times as the fastest growing property hotspot in Kent. Especially for people moving out...
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  2. Living By the Sea

    Living By the Sea

    How living by the sea is good for your physical and mental health Living by the Sea is a dream for many of us. At Bombus we have strong connections to our planet. Every day we are looking at maps of our earth. The geographical topography of our little rock is really beautiful. We work in the amazing Kent countryside...
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  3. It’s all about the MAPS (part 2)

    It’s all about the MAPS (part 2)

    We’re mappy about maps. And in Part 1 of this Blog series we brought you the answers to questions you didn’t even know you needed about our team and their love of all things cartographical. You’ve heard from Esther, Alice, Carly, and Amber…now it’s time for more of the team to step up and shine a spotlight on their favourite...
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  4. Hexagon Map Wall Art

    Hexagon Map Wall Art

    Best Selling Wall Art Blocks Have you met the Bombus best-selling product of 2020? Our Map Hexagon Wall Art is not only completely unique to Bombus, but it is also our Star Product of 2020! These little beauties were our most successful gift of the year. And we know why. Not only are they beautiful, and hand crafted to a...
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  5. The Bombus Trio - a Personalised Map Gift

    The Bombus Trio - a Personalised Map Gift

    In the spotlight... Our most popular personalised map gift! We are really proud of our map Trio range at Bombus. We’ve been making and selling versions of this map artwork for as long as we’ve had Bombus, and we can't quite believe how much you all love it. We love it too, so we thought it deserved its own...
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  6. Love Where You Live

    Love Where You Live

    At Bombus we're all about map gifts. Beautiful pieces of art filled with shapes, wiggly lines, and all sorts of colours. Discovering local treasures... As well as being pretty to look at, maps represent a special and unique spot on the surface of our earth. While we've all been forced to spend more time close to home, the pleasures and...
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