Map Hexagon Wall Art

Best Selling Wall Art Blocks

Have you met the Bombus best-selling product of 2020?

Our Map Hexagon Wall Art is not only completely unique to Bombus, but it is also our Star Product of 2020!

These little beauties were our most successful gift of the year. And we know why. Not only are they beautiful, and hand crafted to a high standard…they are the ultimate collectors piece for the avid traveller.

Map Hexagon Wall Art

Self Gifting

Especially during a pandemic, anything goes. And if we're honest, we really deserve to treat ourselves don't you think? Which is why in 2021 it is 100% OK to buy yourself a little gift. In fact, everyone's doing it and the term #selfgifting is even trending on Instagram.

Gift yourself a hexagon for each treasured location you’ve visited around the world…or choose the location of your dreams as a promise to yourself of where you’ll go when we can fly away once again. (Wanderlust is REAL!)

Map Hexagon Wall Art

So, what makes these Map Hexagons so special?

Made out of solid, sustainable, birch wood, each hexagon is finished with a real piece of vintage map. We choose the map based on whichever location you give to us.

For example, did you visit Vietnam in 2019 and fall in love with Hoi An? No? Ah. That must have been me. But say you did, and you wanted a hexagon that features this beautiful lantern city. All you would need to do is tell us this:

One Map Hexagon please, location: Hoi An, Vietnam!

And we would set off into our Map Room where we house over 25,000 real, vintage, paper maps. Once we have rummaged through atlases, boxes of folded maps, and flitted around the globe… we make sure we are happy that the beautiful map we have chosen is the perfect size for our wooden hexagon. After which, we send it through to our expert team of craftswomen.

There are a number of processes involved in making sure your map ends up looking its best, and making sure it lasts for years to come. (Don’t be cheeky, I can’t tell you…that’s the secret bit!) And if you ask us, they look incredible individually, or as a full collection of wall art.

Map Hexagon Wall Art

Our home is our refuge

For many of us the Stay at Home order has meant that our homes, and often our small rooms or offices, are the centre of our world. It is important to fill them with things that make us smile and remind us of better times before, and better times to come. Whatever it is that makes you happy, surround yourselves with a little bit of that. And remember that while you're being kind to others, share a little bit of that kindness with you.

Hexagons as Collectables!

We have a loyal base of wonderful customers who have been buying our Map Hexagons since we launched them six years ago. One for every exciting adventure they've been on. We often get messages and photos from people so excited to share their own unique way of displaying these meaningful art works.

If you are one of our Hexagon Fans we'd love to hear from you! Pop us a photo of your expanding wall art collection, and we'll feature you in a blog or Instagram Story!