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The Bombus Story

Amelia Coward (Creative Director)

Our company was founded in 2003 by Amelia. She studied textiles and weave at The Royal College of Art and then spent several years working in the commercial textiles industry. She was keen for a more organic approach though, something more handmade and personal.

The eureka moment

Stumbling across a box of old maps at a flea market she was drawn to the patterns, textures and colours, not dissimilar to fabric that she was more used to working with. Paper became her new passion.

The original Personalised Map Location Heart

The concept of our signature product, the Personalised Location Map Heart still forms the basis of the majority of our products. You choose the map location from anywhere in the world, which we cut from an original vintage map, so your gift will be as unique as the person it’s for.

Handmade to order

Everything we make is hand-made to order especially for you in our converted Oast house studio in rural Kent. We use quality materials, local suppliers and old-fashioned, low-impact production techniques of decoupage - cutting and sticking as it's also known!

Our maps

We have approximately 15,000 vintage maps of all over the world in our own collection at any one time. Our map room is floor to ceiling, wall to wall maps, maps and more maps. ‘Vintage’ is rather an over-used word these days but we class maps as ‘vintage’ if they were printed twenty years or more ago. Our oldest maps were printed in the 1920s.

We are also very lucky to have some highly talented illustrators in our team, who draw some maps of the most frequently requested locations in our own in-house, vintage-inspired style.

Our team

We work hard; at certain times of the year – Valentine’s and Christmas for example, we work like crazy but most importantly, we enjoy each other’s company and learn a lot from each other’s talents, expertise and experience.

What’s in the name?

Bombus – it’s Latin for bumblebee and is simply reminiscent of how busy we are.

Making map letters