British Isles map heart print


Personalised British Isles map heart print wedding and anniversary gift. Choose to have a personalised wooden tag added with your own message.

Two sizes available: 21cm and 27.5cm

International delivery available

An illustrated map of the British Isles, which can be framed and sent ready to hang. Or if you prefer to frame it yourself, we can send it to you without a frame. Our illustrated maps are drawn in-house by our talented team of illustrators, in our own vintage-inspired house style. This map heart shows all the capital cities of the British Isles.

We learnt something when drawing this map: is it the British Isles? Great Britain or the UK? The answer is The British Isles, which is a purely geographical term and refers to the islands of Great Britain and Ireland – including the Republic of Ireland. 

And if you're interested, the name 'UK' refers to to the political union between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. And Great Britain is the collective name of of England, Scotland and Wales. It doesn't include Northern Ireland

Sizes: framed small: 21cm x 21cm; unframed regular: 24cm x 24cm; framed regular: 27.5cm x 27.5cm.

Each piece comes beautifully gift-wrapped in tissue paper and strung with a blank map heart gift tag.

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