October Birth Flower Message Bottle Birthday Gift


What is your birth flower? Personalised message bottle with miniature handpainted Marigold flower and engraved message tag. Keepsake birthday gift for her.

Bottle size: 10cm x 5cm

International delivery available

Did you know that the marigold flower conveys creativity, grace and elegance? We've collated all the attributes (positive of course!) for each birth flower... Just tell us which one you'd like.

January Carnation: love, gratitude, beauty

February Violet: wisdom, loyalty, friendship

March Daffodil: fresh beginnings, happiness, luck

April Daisy: happiness, joy, love

May Lily: beauty, serenity, happiness

June Rose: love, dedication, devotion

July Waterlily: positivity, beauty, joy

August Poppy: imagination, strength, integrity

September Aster: love, affection, patience

October Marigold: creativity, grace, elegance

November Chrysanthemum: compassion, friendship, joy

December Narcissus: hope, happiness, optimism

We laser-cut the cute little flower from birch wood, hand paint it and pop it inside this cute keepsake glass bottle. Then we engrave the wooden gift tag with your choice of personalised message. These little bottles can be treasured for years to come.

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