Space and constellation luxury wrapping paper


Two sheets of space and constellation luxury wrapping paper, a patchwork of printed images of space, nightskies and moonscapes.

49cm x 70cm, 115gsm

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International delivery available

A favourite from our wrap collection, our space and constellation luxury wrapping paper is a patchwork of cosmic images. With sections of moonscape, astrology charts and sympols, signs of the zodiac and their star constellations, night skies, planets, space craft, the Milkyway and lots more... 

Our wrap is colourful and versatile, a contemporary and stylish finish on any gifting occasion. The space and constellation wrap also makes a great poster too.

You can choose to have your wrap folded or rolled and sent to you in a cardboard tube.

Printed in the UK using vegetable inks on 100% recycled paper.

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