Tiny Toadstool Message Bottle Gift


Teeny tiny miniature glass bottle holding a handpainted and delicately engraved red and white toadstool with personalised engraved message tag.

Bottle size: 4.5cm x 2cm

International delivery available

Our weeny laser engraved toadstool (actually called 'Fly Agaric')  sits amongst some vivid green 'moss' inside one of our miniature glass bottles.  A woodland themed keepsake to say 'You're magic' or 'Happy Birthday' or simply to tell someone how 'mush' you love them.

Add your special message with an engraved wooden tag fastened to the neck of the bottle with silver thread.

You can choose to add a drawstring linen gift bag and luxury personalised gift box too.

The mushroom is laser cut from birch ply.

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