Two Personalised Map Location Hearts


A unique and personalised wedding or anniversary gift. You choose two map locations of anywhere in the world.

Sizes: unframed 24cm²; framed 27.5cm²

International delivery available.

Simply choose two map locations from anywhere in the world that hold special meaning to your loved one and we’ll source the maps to create a unique, personalised map location artwork.

We carefully choose the two maps from our archive which work in balance together in scale, colour and texture. 

Choose to add printed personalised wording to your artwork, have your couples initials and names in top right corner and date and/or venue details in bottom left corner.

Our frames are handmade here in Kent in solid wood and available in white or light wood.

A thoughtful, heartfelt and unique gift, this is a perfect wedding or anniversary gift as well as a great new home gift.

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