Introducing BRENLEY WINE!

The Bombus Studio sits here...

Bombus Studio at Brenley Farm, Faversham

Right in amongst the gorgeous Brenley Farm. I mean just look at it!!!

Brenley Farm by the Bombus Studio

We completely love our rural location. Our Oast house studio is huge, and at this time of the year we can throw our windows open wide and let the summer breeze cool us all down. (As for winter…let’s just say we wear a LOT of knitwear.)

Sunflower field in Brenley Farm, outside Bombus Studio
Sunflower field just outside our office door!

Bombus Studio, Well Oast, Brenley Farm

Brenley Farm is a working farm. The farmed land includes hops and vineyards, apples and pears, cereal crops and a horse livery.

Working on the hops at Brenley Farm, by the Bombus Studio

It also houses a remarkably beautiful B&B, café, and wedding venue. For such a peaceful and rural location, it seriously has a lot to offer.

Brenley Farm, Faversham

The Newest Kent Vineyard!

And who said 2020 was all bad? Happy things are happening at the farm… because this year Brenley Farm have, for the very first time, produced their own wine!

Brenley Wine, produced at Brenley Farm, Faversham

It’s exactly the pick-me-up we all need, and I can testify from personal experience (…) that it is not only delicious, but the perfect chilled beverage for these long hot summer days stuck in your garden…not going on holiday.

Here’s what our Bombus Studio neighbours have to say about it:

Our Wine

Our first release is the Brenley Bacchus 2019. Made exclusively from estate grown grapes from the farm. Notes of lime peel and wet stone characterise the nose and palate. To be enjoyed in the sunshine with friends.

In 2021 We will be releasing a 2019 Blanc de Blanc as well as our 2020 vintages - watch this space!

We want our wine to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. We take a light hearted approach to growing and making wine and feel the wine world should be accessible and most of all, fun!

Now I don’t know about you, but “accessible and fun” is exactly how I like my wine.

Brenley wine outside our Bombus Studio

At Bombus we’ve sampled a couple of cases (we’re a big team – honest!), and it really is worth a try.

Buy Brenley Wine!

The bottles are on sale for £15.99, or you can treat yourself to a case of 6 for £95. Brenley Farm say...

Label of Brenley Wine, produced at Brenley Farm, Faversham

Buy direct from us by the bottle or case. Whether you are a retailer, restaurant, pub or just after a bottle or two for a dinner party, It’s very much done with a personal touch here at Brenley, so please email Jules & Tom for price lists and delivery arrangements @

The Garden of England

Kent has become a world leader in producing fantastic wines. We have vineyards all over the place producing some of the finest varieties you can buy. We’ve had sparkling wines compete in competitions against the French champagnes – and WIN! (For the record, I wouldn’t turn down a bottle of Tattingers, if the opportunity arose….)

Bombus map of Paris, France. Taken in the Bombus studio during production

The weather is warming, and so the conditions for grape growing is ripe (hehe). If you’re not local and fancy a visit to Kent, you can tour lots of independent vineyards and taste all sorts of delights.

The vineyard at Brenley Farm near the Bombus Studio, Faversham
Brenely Wine Vineyard

Here are a few of my favourites:


Across the verdant flats from Barnsole stand the mighty crumbling walls of the Roman fort of Richborough. It is here, in the garden of England that the first Pinot Noir vines arrived with the Legions in 44 a.d. Barnsole perpetuates this viticultural tradition of two millennia by growing Pinot Noir, along with other grape varieties, to make quintessential English wines.

Barnsole Wine


At Biddenden Vineyards, Kent’s original vineyard, we pride ourselves on being a family run vineyard with the second and third generation of the Barnes family managing the estate.

Biddenden Vineyards celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019, an exciting milestone to have reached at an exciting time for English, and especially Kentish wine.  The family is able to draw on 5 decades of winemaking knowledge and pair this with new methods & techniques to ensure that Biddenden is at the forefront of the English wine industry.

Biddenden Wine

The increase in vineyards in our area means that, like in France, smaller and more niche producers are making wine. Research your trip and see what other hidden delights are being made in the Garden of England.

Whatever you do -Buy British!

But obviously – choose BRENLEY WINE first.

Quacking Good Wine, from Brenley Farm

Tell your friends, your family, and support our British suppliers. (And dare I mention the C word? Just sayin’… a unique wine made in the UK in small batches sounds like the PERFECT Christmas gift for 2020 to me.)

Brenley Wine for Christmas, outside the Bombus Studio

Oh - and that question you wanted to ask? They’ve answered it:

What’s with the ducks?

We love watching the wild ducks on the pond here at Brenley Farm. Their playful nature, sense of fun & understated beauty represent what we are aiming to achieve with our wines. There is a Mallard duck weathervane atop the old barn dating back to the 1800s, so ducks have always been a motif for Brenley and now they are front and centre on our wine labels.

Bottle of Brenley Wine, produced at the Bombus Studio

Bombus Gifts

And while we're talking about Christmas - we've started making all sorts of map gifts in the Bombus Studio, ready for the 2020 holidays. Visit us at to find the perfect personalised map gift, made by hand in the Kent countryside!

Three Map Framed Print made at the Bombus Studio, Faversham

Let us know what you think about the Brenley Wine on our Instagram and Facebook pages! And keep an eye out for announcements regarding new product launches.