Say thank you to staff and associates,

with a personal gift this Christmas

We are super lucky at Bombus. We have a team of dedicated and hard working women who have held it all together during this mad mad year.

Three women from the back

With coronavirus making the world so uncertain, we didn't know what was going to happen with the business. Would it survive? Would we all have a job in a few months?

Alice in the studio making some of our thank you gifts
Alice worked in our studio during the pandemic. We would have been lost without her!

With hard work and commitment, we will come through this pandemic. And we have our team (and our faithful customers) to thank for that.

She won't thank me for this picture! This is Amelia, the Director of Bombus during a design meeting. She didn't stop at all during lockdown, making sure that the staff were supported and that customers still received their gifts.

At Bombus we know we are appreciated. We are spoiled rotten by our boss at birthdays, during special occasions, and at Christmas. Amelia takes the time to choose us personal and thoughtful gifts, which make us feel as if we are valued.

Hotel Chocolate - the gift we were given as a thank you gift at Christmas last year.
Amongst other things...we all had a stash of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat last Christmas. YUM!

But it's not just about us...we also have a lot of other people to thank.

Royal Mail

We work so closely with Royal Mail that we know a lot of our postmen by name...and all about their lives. This year has been desperately difficult for our posties. They have been frontline workers and for that we say - thank you!

Postbox where you can mail your thank you gifts!

The volume of post has been RIDICULOUS!

Not only has their workload increased, they have also had to deal with a reduced workforce due to illness and/or self-isolation.

Delivering necessities to those people who are shielding...

postman delivering thank you gifts

And all of those parcels we all ordered for ourselves to make us feel better (guilty!)

Not to mention constantly putting themselves at risk by delivering packages door to door across the nation. Thank you posties!


Again, we are so so lucky at Bombus. Our landlords were beyond understanding when the pandemic hit. We were in touch with them constantly and they were prepared to be flexible and understanding when it came to rent and circumstances. I've heard a lot of stories praising the independent landlords of the country - did yours get you out of a hole?

brenley wine, the perfect thank you gift

It also helps that our landlords run a vineyard...and Brenley Wine would be one of the best thank you gifts...right?


The patience shown throughout the small business world was incredible. The compassion and understanding each and every one of our suppliers had was gratefully received.

various packaging image to say thank you to south east packaging
Shout out to South East Packaging - they've NEVER let us down!

We had offers of delayed invoices, and up to date messages letting us know when and how goods would be available. Knowing about the supply issues across the whole business network was very appreciated at Bombus. It helped us plan ahead.

Our Front Line NHS

We couldn't do a post about thanking people without mentioning the NHS. But it's not just your nurses and doctors that deserve our heartfelt gratitude. There are thousands and thousands of people working for the NHS in a whole host of roles throughout the country. Janitors, drivers, receptionists, radiographers, technicians, pharmacists, gardeners, maintenance...the list is endless and I risk forgetting some very important people if I try to list them all. What I do know, is that every single one of you deserve our love, thanks, and appreciation.

A rainbow thank you card as a thank you gift

Thank You Gifts

We know we need to thank our postmen and others, for getting us through a year unlike any other. And I bet there are quite a few people that work for or with you, that you may want to send a thoughtful and meaningful thank you gift to this Christmas.

a Christmas map bottle thank you gift decoration

Well have no fear, Bombus is here!

We are just the people who have that 'Thinking of You' and 'Thank You!' gift all wrapped up.

A hanging heart map keepsake thank you gift

We don't want to give away what we'll be giving to our postmen to say thank you this year...but if we were you? We may think about one of these keepsakes for your staff.

A miniature heart frame thank you gift

Not only can you choose exactly which location you would like on the map, you can also have the tag engraved with a personal message of thanks and merry wishes.

Do you have any good ideas?

We are always looking to support small independent businesses. And we can't exactly ask the Bombus staff to make their own thank you gifts this Christmas...

Our artists in the studio making a hexagon thank you gift!

So if you have any suggestions of what else would make a perfect thank you gift for our staff this Christmas - get in touch and let us know!

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