Introducing our new luxury range of Personalised Soy Candles

Our sense of smell is the most powerful memory we have. And right now, those of us suffering with Wanderlust, are in need of those memories more than ever! Well, at Bombus we've got something that might help. Our latest gift range...beautifully fragranced Personalised Soy Candles.

Luxury Soy Candle with Personalised Label and Box

We've chosen a whole range of scents to evoke memories of past adventures, or favourite walks along the coast.

Why use Soy for candles?

Why Soy? A soy candle has the benefit of being much greener than a traditional candle. It burns with less toxins, and is virtually soot free. The melting point of a soy candle is also lower, which means you will get a much longer burn out of your luxury candle than you would from a regular paraffin one. 

Our candles are hand poured in Kent, using high quality and natural fragrances and essential oils. Our packaging is locally sourced, and each votive is made from reusable glass. Perfect for reuse in your home once the candle has eventually melted away. Did you know you can clean up soy wax using only soap and water? 

Luxury Soy Candle with Green Tomato Scent

Read more about what makes Soy special here : Benefits of Soy Wax Candles (

We all need a little bit of light during these bleak winter months. I love lighting a candle to not only make me feel cosy once the Christmas decorations are down, but also to fill the house with a happy scent.

Personalised Soy Candles make great Romantic Gifts!

We can't visit all of our loved ones at the moment. And it is heart breaking. But as well as self-gifting ourselves one of these beauties, they are the perfect thoughtful gift. At Bombus we work really hard to make our products something you can truly say is personal and meaningful. So we've made sure our candles do just that.

Label for Personalised Luxury Soy Candle

Once you've chosen your scent, you can name your candle after your favourite place or dream destination. Does salt and sea remind you of Padstow? Or green tomatoes of your Grandad's Greenhouse? 

Our labels include a personalised message, so that there is no doubt who they should be taking with them on their next adventure.

Luxury Soy Candle with Personalised Label and Box

Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day creeping around the corner, we should update you on the post!

I'm sure you'll have noticed that the post over Christmas was exceedingly busy. I'm still getting Christmas cards delivered that were posted at the beginning of December (it's quite nice to receive them in January to be honest!) But we while we try our utmost to post things out to you as quickly as possible, we know that there is likely to be a huge amount of post leading up to Valentine's Day this year. So, we advise choosing your Valentine's Gift early this year to give us and the postie the best possible chance of getting your gift to your loved one on time.

We do offer Free Delivery across the UK, and have options for express delivery and International too!

Any questions at all just get in touch! We love to chat.