We've spent a lot of years helping all of you to find the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. This year, we have looked over our facts and figures. And here are the BEST and most popular Valentine’s Day Gifts from Bombus!

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

At Bombus we have worked so hard to perfect the personalised, meaningful, and thoughtful gift. With every one of our gifts handmade to order in our Kent studio, there is no better way to send a bespoke one-of-a-kind treasure to the one you love.

You Are My World Keepsake Bottle Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

These little message bottles have a colourful map of the world inside. Add you own personalised message as well, with an engraved wooden tag.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Whether they are trapped with you during lockdown, or pining for you far away, there are ways to tell them I LOVE YOU without a single flower or chocolate in sight.

Personalised Map Heart Best Valentine's Day Gifts
Personalised Map Location Heart Print

It is no surprise to any of us, that the best selling Valentine's Gift for her is our most popular Map Heart print. Our personalised map heart has been a favourite of yours and ours for many occasions over many years, and it is truly a thoughtful and memorable way to express your love.

You can choose any location, anywhere in the world! And we will find the perfect map from our huge collection of vintage atlases and fold outs.

Best Valentine's Day Cards

We have a lovely selection of uniquely designed cards at Bombus. If you're looking for something different, have a browse through our card section. Everyone of them can be personalised with a message from you to your Valentine.

Map Heart Best Valentine's Day Cards
Personalised Map Heart Valentine's Day Card

Out of all of our cards, however, this one continues to be your favourite. And who can blame you? Much like the Map Heart Location Print, this card allows you to choose any location, anywhere in the world. Where you met? Where you married? Or a spot on earth that is truly special just to the two of you.

Best Letterbox Valentine's Day Gifts

It's tricky this year isn't it? We can't go out for dinner, or pop round for a movie night. Lost flowers are wilting in the post. So the best some of us might be able to do is send a gift that can fit through their letterbox. And while there are a whole host of Letterbox Gift Sets there is one Bombus design that you cannot get enough of...and it is the perfect size to fit straight through that post box.

Miniature Heart Best Valentine's Day Gifts
Miniature Map Heart Frame

This Miniature Map Heart frame is a pocket sized keepsake. Do you have a special message you want to send to them? Not only can you choose your perfect location for the map, we can engrave a personalised message on the reverse. I love it. And judging by how many of you ordered it last year, so do you!

Future Best Selling Valentine's Day Gifts

We're making a prediction. And we reckon that one of our newest designs is simply going to fly out of our studio. A future best-seller? We think so.

Papercut Bee Best Valentine's Day Gifts
Papercut Honey Bee Wall Art

One of our very clever Studio Artists designed our bumble bee papercut print. We hand paint each bee before mounting it on a subtle honeycomb background. What a way to tell them you were 'Meant to Bee'!

Perfect Match Bottle Keepsake

Or maybe you'll go mad for this pretty bottle keepsake, that says just how you are the perfect match for one another!

Whatever you choose this year, send them a little love.