Nursery Decorations

We may be in lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped new family members being born! And while a lot of us are at home, now is the perfect time to choose the nursery decorations for the latest arrival.

The way we prepare the nursery has come a long way since the days of a quick splash of pink or blue paint. We’re more inclusive in our colour choices these days, and babies are being welcomed into some exceedingly well thought out environments.

Alphabet Name Print Nursery Decoration

Things to think about when choosing nursery decorations:


Babies will see the full spectrum of colour by the time they reach 5 months old. The more experiences they have early in their development the quicker those important connections form in their brain. Why not give them something truly colourful to look at that and introduce them to the magic of rainbows! They’re also super relevant to the past twelve months thanks to the campaign to support our NHS staff and carers.

Pastel Rainbow Bookend Nursery Decoration

Donate to NHS charities here:


Certainly for the first year the nursery is as much for the parents as it is for baby. Ensuring there is comfort and space to look after your little one through night feeds and unexpected nappy changes is the key to a (slightly) easier life.  We love this Rocking Chair from The Baby and Child Store, which can be the focus of any nursery decoration.

Rocking Chair Nursery Decoration
Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair

Their name!

Do you remember the first words you were taught other than who to call Mum and Dad? Inevitably it would have been your name. And while learning how to write it came a little bit further down the line, I’m sure you would have had something in your room that spelled out your name for you to read right from the start.

Liberty Fabric Letters Nursery Decoration

New Baby Gifts

It’s a tough time being a new parent. It’s hard enough for all of us not seeing loved ones and friends, but with a new baby it can feel daunting and isolating. While friendly phone calls and messages of support are the best way to help, sometimes we just want to pop something in the post that says ‘Welcome Little One!’ and that we’re thinking of them.

Namesake Map Framed Print Nursery Decoration

Nursery Decorations are a lovely idea, but there are other personal and meaningful ways to send love to a New Baby.

Letterbox Gifts

These Letterbox Gifts fit through any standard letterbox. That means they don’t have to be disturbed answering the door, and no doorbell waking up the sleeping baby!

New Baby Nursery Decoration Letterbox Gift

Keepsake Boxes

New babies create a whole host of memories. Their hospital bracelet with their name and date of birth on it. Their first pair of socks. A hand print. The stack of cards sent to congratulate their arrival. Where do you store all of these precious things? Well, a pretty and personalised keepsake box of course!

New Baby Keepsake Box Nursery Decoration

Did you receive the perfect New Baby gift for your latest arrival?

Let us know what really made you smile and feel special. Send us a comment and a picture and we’ll add it to this post!

And we know it’s super hard for everyone at the moment. Which is why there are a huge number of support groups out their if you’re feeling like it’s all a bit much. This article from new Mum Sophie Hines has a great message for anyone struggling.