We discuss the Best Mother’s Day Gifts with our team

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, our studio is abuzz with orders. It’s a funny year, with many of us not sure if we will in fact get to see our Mums near the big day. But we know from the personal and thoughtful messages sent in with your orders, that you’re all thinking of each other and finding special ways to say you love them, miss them, and can’t wait to see them soon.

At Bombus we have quite a team of Super-Mums

Here's what Mother’s Day means to them and some of their unique Mother's Day gift ideas.


Sophie is a seasoned Studio Assistant at Bombus and is responsible for both producing our handmade gifts, and designing new ideas and products. As a talented artist and maker, Sophie also runs her own successful business selling handmade bunting and alternative wedding and nursery decorations. Her work is beautiful and well worth checking out!

Sophie is Mum to her 19 month old baby daughter:

What would be your ideal Mother's Day?

A lie in! With breakfast in bed (pancakes of course) afterwards, brought up with a nice card. I’m a sucker for a card ? I love a good sunny family walk too so that would top it off.

What have past Mother’s Days been like for you? 

I only have experience of one Mother’s Day but I did feel the pressure to make sure it didn’t go forgotten...! Something many mums can relate to I’m sure...thankfully I didn’t need to worry, and Team Daddy/Daughter pulled it out the bag.

If you could receive ANY Mother’s Day Gifts, without limitations, what would it be?

The ability to be able to bottle up and go back to those really special moments. *Cliche klaxon* but I’m already wondering where the time’s gone?

Will you be sending a Mother's Day Gifts to anyone this year?

My mum is a real crafter and loves sewing/quilting/knitting etc. so I often buy her a kit for something she can take time out to just enjoy making. A real personalised gift for Mum. She’s similar to me that in the evening winding down usually means making something crafty - it’s completely satisfying and therapeutic!

And in one word, what does being a Mum mean to you?


For Mums like Sophie we know how important it is to hold on to those special memories. Mother’s Day Gifts should be sentimental and personal.

This Keepsake Memory Box can be personalised with baby’s name and special date, and is perfect for holding together little tokens from their first few years. Perfect too as a nursery gift, gift for mums to be, or a present for a new arrival!


Alex is responsible for our online content management and marketing. Her role is highly skilled and vitally important, with Bombus based entirely online. With technology evolving constantly Alex has to keep up to date with new changes to all of our online platforms and marketing channels, edit and upload our catalogue and images, and work with the marketing team to produce promotional content.

All at the same time as being Mum to three spirited daughters, a cat, a gaggle of rabbits, and a brand new lockdown puppy.  

What would be your ideal Mother's Day?

Obviously NO food making, but otherwise, sunshine, shoreside, space and sure knowledge that my gang are happy

If you could receive ANY Mother’s Day gift in the world, without limitations, what would it be?

I'm a better Mum after a little break, so I'd say a weekend away, again by the sea please with wall to wall sunshine.

(Hilariously Alex also said that when she showed this question to her eldest daughter her response was quote "derrrrr, why didn't you say a billion pounds????")

Will you be sending a Mother's Day gift to anyone this year? If so, what?

I'll be making my Mum a cake and delivering to her doorstep.

And in one word, what does being a Mum mean to you?


With a full household you would not be surprised that we think Mums like Alex deserve to be pampered on Mother’s Day. While the ideal weekend away isn’t an option this year, something personal and relaxing is!

These candles are made from soy, are 100% vegan, and are completely natural. With a choice of fragrances you can choose the scent of the seaside to whisk them back to memories of sunny visits to the coast. With maybe a promise of a luxury trip some time in the near future?


Our Director in Chief shares a home with her partner, and between them a household of five children and a scrappy Sausage Dog named Snoop. That would be enough for most, but as the head of Bombus, Amelia has a hectic and full schedule.

There is no doubt, however, that come what may her number one priority in her life is her children.

For busy Business Mums the best gift would be to pause time for a minute so that they could catch up! But until physics allows…why not something that reminds them how much they are appreciated?

These wooden ‘I love you because…’ flowers are engraved on each stem with personalised reasons for loving them.


Rosie is one of our Studio Assistants and designers. Full of creativity, Rosie has been an integral part of Bombus for many years now, and is responsible for the design of some of our all time best selling gifts.

Mum to two energetic and imaginative boys, Rosie has a good idea of what makes the perfect Mother’s Day Gifts.

Anyone with a house full of boys knows that the garden is a great place to run off their energy. Finding activities to do with the kids can be a great way to create memories and to engage them in nature.

As a nation we embraced grow-your-own during last year’s lockdown, and we’re sure that the craze for gifts for gardeners will continue through 2021. These personalised seed markers can be engraved with the food that they can actually grow. Whether it’s tomatoes on a small patio, to cauliflowers in a raised veg plot…planting fruit and veg with the kids is a lot of fun.


Nikki is one of our most recent additions to the Bombus team. As a Studio Assistant she has been learning the ropes and was well and truly thrown into the deep end over Christmas.

As a Mum to twins, Nikki has a good idea of what her ideal Mother’s Day would involve.

As the kids get a little older it’s nice to be reminded that they appreciate all that you do for them. Tokens such as these flower keepsake bottles are beautiful, but also have room for a personal message to tell Mum that she really is the most important person in your life.

Dog Mums

Fur-babies are children too! And at Bombus we LOVE our dogs. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that for some of us…we go a little far in our devotion to our scruffy bundles of fluff.

Our studio is home to a lot of furry family members. All four legged friends are welcome! Like Bodhi, a loveable and friendly pup.

If you know a Dog Mum that would love a little something on Mother’s Day…there are a million ways to let them know that they haven’t gone unnoticed.  A keepsake...and a donation to the Dogs Trust perhaps?

And finally…

If you’re still wondering what makes the Best Mother’s Day Gifts this year, think about shopping small. It’s been a tough year for independent sellers and they need your support more than ever! For example, Etsy have a whole host of crafty, clever, small businesses that will be delighted to help you find the perfect gift for Mum this Mother’s Day. And like with a Bombus gift, you can be sure that each item will be made with care and a whole lot of love.