Are you looking to send a gift to wish your friends or family luck and good health in their new home?

Our collection of Map Block Wall Art is a great place to start.

Map House Ornament New Home Gifts

Map Wall Art New Home Gifts

Handmade in Kent, our circles, squares, and hexagons are a great addition to any home. They look beautiful, and are a 100% unique, one off, personal gift.

How is that? Well, when you send us the location of the map you would like featured on your Map Block, whatever shape that is…we head off into our Map Room and find your location in our vast collection of over 25,000 vintage maps.

We then centre your artwork around the exact location that you have given us, before finishing the artwork by hand in our studio. This means that no single map wall art is ever the same. Even if someone else has requested the same location, the likelihood of the block turning out identical is impossible. That’s the beauty of a hand finished work of art!

Map Wall Art Circle New Home Gifts

And yes. We can find any location anywhere in the world. So you can choose the new town or village that your friends have moved to, or maybe the town that they have left as a reminder of where they’ve come from. Either way, these can be sentimental and thoughtful New Home Gifts that we know they’ll love.

And if that wasn’t enough, we can also engrave the reverse of our wooden blocks with a message, date, or the location of the map.

Map Hexagons New Home Gifts

People also ask us…

What do you give to someone for good luck as a New Home Gift?

Well, one traditional gift for someone who has just moved into a new home is WOOD! For centuries this has been seen as a way to bestow good luck upon a home by way of this accompanying blessing:

“May your home have stability, harmony, and peace.’

What a lovely and thoughtful way to welcome someone to a new home. And at Bombus we have all sorts of wooden keepsakes, artwork, clocks, and keyrings.

Another tradition, that as foodies we simply love at Bombus, is the ancient gesture of giving a new home owner the gift of bread. The tradition stems from Eastern  European and Middle Eastern nations, where it is given alongside a dedication that states

‘May your home never know hunger.’

If bread is your thing, this bread box from Betty’s in Yorkshire makes a beautiful New Home Gift for any foodie!

Bread Box from Bettys new home gifts

New Home Gifts for the person who has everything

These days everyone has their basics. The kitchen is stocked and linens are easy to find to match specific occasions. So the old fashioned idea of table cloths or glassware is becoming less of a popular gift for new home owners. So what do you give to a family or couple that already have everything they need, when celebrating their new home?

A personal, thoughtful, keepsake gift.

A map keyring is both personalised with the map of their new home, and super practical. Or if you are unable to visit in person at the moment due to Covid restrictions, our Letterbox New Home Gift Set has both personalised gifts and a handmade card.

New Home Gifts Letterbox Gift

Or how about a Luxury Hand Poured Soy Candle? These make for a romantic and useful gift, that brings some nostalgic scents into a new and unfamiliar environment.

Personalised Soy Candle New Home Gifts

Check out all of our personalised New Home gifts here.

Tips on sending the perfect New Home Gift

We all love flowers, and they make beautiful housewarming gifts. But remember that the new home owners may not have unpacked their vases just yet, so if you can, include a vase…or better yet, select a flowering plant that can just be placed on a window sill to cheer up a new home without any effort at all!

The same goes for champagne gifts. No one would say no to a bottle of fizz, but the glasses may still be at the bottom of a big box in need of a good wash. So if you’re dropping off a bottle of bubbly, include a couple of glasses so that the couple can indulge without having to unpack.

If you really want to send a useful gift to someone in their new home, have you thought about a set of fancy new address cards? With the stress and madness of moving, the task of notifying friends and family of their new address may seem like a nuisance. Make it easier with a set of gorgeous pre-printed cards that they can just stick in an envelope.

Smythson of Bond Street have some simply dreamy options.

Stationery New Home Gifts

And finally, the one thing you could always do if you’re stuck for an idea of how to celebrate a loved ones new home…ask! It’s more acceptable than ever to ask someone what they truly need and would like as a gift, and at least you know that they are receiving something the want.