Last year was a difficult year for couples looking to tie the knot. With weddings cancelled, or scaled back, many planned celebrations were put on hold. But not any longer!

Map Location Gift Print for Weddings

Couples are already re-booking their weddings with a frenzy. And it is going to be one major Wedding BOOM.

The Wedding advice website has predicted that over 200k extra weddings will flood the market this year into next. Searches for Wedding Planners and Wedding Suppliers have gone through the roof, meaning that we will all have double the weddings to attend over the next twelve months.

When are Weddings allowed again?

In the UK, Wedding receptions are due to restart with 15 people from 12th April 2021 and 30 people from 17th May 2021.

The Prime Minister has announced that weddings could restart with no or few restrictions in England from 21st June 2021 at the earliest. This comes after weddings have been banned in the country for weeks except under "exceptional circumstances" during the Coronavirus pandemic.

All the current guidance for Weddings in the UK can be found here:

Weddings After Lockdown in 2021 | Guides for Brides

Wedding Gifts

With all this love in the air, we know that finding the perfect gift for the happy couple is something a lot of you spend a great deal of time on. At Bombus we do weddings, and wedding gifts, so well you’ll be hard pressed to find something more meaningful or more personal for the bride and groom.

Map Location Six Heart Gift for Weddings

Sentimentality is the buzz word for wedding gifts this year. We all have heightened emotions due to the pandemic, and when we are all at last able to gather around that table and celebrate the union of our loved ones…it’s going to be quite the reunion.

Three Map Location Heart Print for Weddings

Our Map Location Prints are the perfect way to capture special moments forever. Seriously. We are the masters of preserving memories and giving the happy couple the ultimate emotional gift. We can almost guarantee happy tears when they open one of our wedding gifts!

Honeymoon Gifts

I know that a lot of couples these days ask for cash towards their honeymoon. It’s a lovely thing to do to help them escape on a trip of a lifetime…but what about something else that they can keep and look back on in years to come, once the trip is a distant memory?

Alongside a contribution to their honeymoon, why not give them a travel related keepsake? Pop their money inside on of these Map Location Notebooks…

Honeymoon Travel Gift

Or inspire them to start packing for their big adventure with these beautiful personalised map luggage tags!

Charitable Wedding Gifts

Times are a changing. Many couples tying the knot have been living together for years, and are not interested in you spending your hard earned cash on a new toaster or a set of guest towels. And often the bride and groom will insist that they would prefer you not to send a gift at all.

But many of us would still want to mark the occasion in some small way. So a good compromise would be to make a donation to a charity in their honour! Every couple will have a cause close to their hearts. Do they love dogs? Then a donation to the Dogs Trust would go down a treat. Lost a loved one to Cancer? A donation to their local hospice would be a truly touching way to show you care.

Charity Wedding Gift

Tree Aid is a charity that allows you to choose a specific gift that help ‘things grow’ in Western Africa. It’s a really well set up website that ensures that your donation goes straight to the people that need it. And you can dedicate your gift to the married couple!

What will be different about weddings after the pandemic?

It really is an open book in regards to what to expect going forward once we open up again. But whether the wedding you attend will be bigger than ever to make up for lost time, or a small intimate gathering still cautiously distancing…some things are inevitable.

Weekday Weddings

With such an increase in bookings venues have had to extend their operating times to accommodate so many couples. This has meant that across the country bookings for weekday celebrations have sky rocketed! Well worth remembering to hold on to a little of your holiday leave from work for that Wednesday wedding in September!

Socially Distanced Weddings

While we wait to see what the ‘new normal’ looks like it’s almost certain that we will need to practise a certain amount of social distancing for some time to come. What does this mean? Well, it may mean having to think creatively about choosing the latest must have wedding accessory…the face mask! It’s a booming industry and there is bound to be a fabulous mask to match your outfit.

Facemask for Weddings

Anthropologie have a huge range of masks to suit any style!

What do you think?

Will weddings be bigger, smaller, virtual? Let us know your trend predictions in the comments!