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  1. 14 days as an intern at Bombus

    14 days as an intern at Bombus

    Two weeks down the line after first setting foot into the delightful Bombus Oast, I don't think I've ever been so well acquainted with the world's geography, or glue. Read on to find out what happened when I jointed Bombus for a fortnight.
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  2. 10 photos from our studio sale

    10 photos from our studio sale

    All of us at Bombus would like to say a really BIG thank you to everyone who visited our studio sale event and helped make it such a success. Our chosen charity for the event was Kent Refuge Action Network (KRAN).
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  3. Walking on the Isle of Skye for the unfit

    Walking on the Isle of Skye for the unfit

    One gets a rather unique appreciation for the shape of places when illustrating for Bombus. Skye, for example has a very pleasing wiggly splosh shape, and has a nice lot of contours which are always fun to draw.
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  4. Dyslexia awareness week

    Dyslexia awareness week

    Like many creative workplaces, Bombus embraces a healthy quota of dyslexic employees.  I count myself amongst these numbers and would like to share a bit of my experience in celebration of Dyslexia Awareness Week.
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  5. How to go the extra mile at work

    How to go the extra mile at work

    The bespoke nature of the products we make at Bombus HQ involves a lot of skill, creative craftsmanship and time by our production studio team. However, perhaps a overlooked aspect is just how much walking is involved.
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  6. Which colour are you?

    Which colour are you?

    The Bombus team have recently been treated to a Team Effectiveness Day from Motivus Consulting. Motivus is a training consultancy for management, leaders and teams.  I genuinely feel it was a 'treat' to have done this; it was absolutely fascinating.
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  7. Exhibiting at Pulse London 2015

    Exhibiting at Pulse London 2015

    We've been busy unpacking all the boxes of the stuff we took to Pulse London last week. We had another great show this year, meeting lots of new potential buyers and catching up with old friends and regulars.
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  8. Extreme knitting

    Extreme knitting

    My house looks like a psychedelic spider’s nest of yarn.  There are balls everywhere:  on the floor, in the bed, sandwiched between other craft paraphernalia.  Despite all this, and with fairly hard-core RSI, I’m still knitting.
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  9. Our favourite Valentine's cards

    Our favourite Valentine's cards

    Be my lobster! Did you know lobsters mate for life? Maybe some of you can remember Phoebe from 'Friends' relaying this fact way back when...? This quirky Valentine's card is one of our faves.
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  10. I love you because...

    I love you because...

    With Valentine’s day just around the corner, here at the Bombus studio we’re feeling soppy. Orders are piling in for our ‘Bag of love heart tokens’ a sweet little gift where customers can personalise little wooden hearts with love messages.
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  11. Exhibiting at CRAFT London

    Exhibiting at CRAFT London

    This is our fourth year of exhibiting at the show and we always enjoy meeting so many new people and of course, catching up with our friends and stockists from all the various shops, boutiques and galleries around the country.
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  12. Bucket list - places to go

    Bucket list - places to go

    Working in a map-based job means my bucket list of places to visit grows on a daily basis. I spend everyday looking at maps of far-flung, beautiful places other people have been to... holiday destinations, wedding venues, and honeymoon spots.
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  13. The Make Awards 2014

    The Make Awards 2014

    Every year, (NOTHS) run The Make Awards to celebrate the the achievements of the Partners who sell through their site. Bombus have been a Partner since 2007. In 2011, we won 'Gift of the Year'.
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