Thoughtful Gifts for the people we miss the most

I've lost count how many times I've said 'I miss my Mum' over the past twelve months.

It is comforting, however, to know that none of us are alone in that feeling. We're all missing someone, and we will all put up with it knowing that doing so keeps them safe.

With at least another six weeks to go before lockdown restrictions are lifted, I'm finding myself wanting to let the people I miss know that I'm STILL thinking of them. Even after nine months of Skype calls, Zoom meetings, and endless WhatsApps. And I'm looking for new ways to say it.

With the money I would have spent on eating out or trips to the cinema, I find myself browsing websites for unusual bouquets of flowers for Mum. Or token hugs for my Best Friend. After hours of Pinterest searches and online shopping, I think I could officially call myself an expert!

Here are some of the best Thinking of You Gifts I've uncovered.

Map Wall Art perfect Thinking of You Gifts

Keepsake Thinking of You Gifts

Have you been working from home? I have. And I've been so lucky with some of the little treats my friends have sent to me through the post. I've had a personalised mug, and my absolute favourite was this hand-painted print from my oldest pal.

In return I've sent out my fair share of keepsake gifts. There are a host of 'Hug' tokens, like this one in a matchbox which is utterly adorable! I sent this to my best friend quite early on in the pandemic...she is probably due another one by now!

When it comes to the best Keepsake Thinking of You Gifts, however, Bombus are experts. We have worked really hard to perfect meaningful, personalised, and thoughtful gifts. I can't list them all in this blog post as we have a huge range! But if I was going to pick one perfect little token out of our Keepsake Gift would be these:

Tokens that make perfect Thinking of You Gifts

A sweet linen bag filled with engraved reasons of why you love them.

Flower Thinking of You Gifts

Flowers. We all love them. And I received a lovely subscription from my husband during the last lockdown. Bloom and Wild send fresh British flowers through your letterbox. And I can vouch for their quality.

Bloom and Wild flower subscription as a perfect thinking of you gifts

The blooms arrive a little sleepy, safely wrapped in protective (eco friendly) packaging. There is a leaflet that tells you what to do with each bloom, and before you know it you've assembled a stunning wild bouquet of native flowers. They are super fresh, and lasted weeks with the proper care. And I can honestly say that my mood was lifted every time I looked at them.

However, if you're worried about sending fresh flowers through the post at the moment....take a look at this! Bombus have designed a whole range of Flower Bottles.

Keepsake flower bottle as one of a range of Thinking of You Gifts

These hand-painted wooden flowers are presented in a glass bottle with a personalised message tag...and the best bit? These flowers will never wilt!

Letterbox Thinking of You Gifts

Missing someone who is shielding? Or do you want to keep your loved ones as safe as possible? Letterbox Gifts are gifts that fit right through their postbox and land happily on the doormat. Little parcels of loveliness!

Now, there are SO many options for Letterbox Gifts. But they all do tend to stick to the same, food, or beauty products. I certainly wouldn't complain if any of those ended up on my doormat. But if you're looking for something a bit more...permanent? Look at the Bombus range of Letterbox Gifts, like this one below for gardeners:

Letterbox Gift for Gardeners from the Bombus range of Thinking of You Gifts

Something a Little Bit Different

Or, if you've sent more flowers and keepsakes than you can shake a stick at, and you're hoping for something that little bit different? You could always say 'I'm Thinking of You' by joining them online for a Gift Experience.

There are all sorts of companies offering online escape rooms, cooking classes, or exercise classes. Invite your bestie into one of these for some bonding time across the miles...and count down the days until you can do it all in person.

Help for those that need it

It's really important to remember that you're not alone during this pandemic. If you need to talk to someone there are people out there waiting to help.

Samaritans: Call us any time, day or night 116 123